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  Got tagged by :iconrose-pastel:! Sorry if we took a lot of time to answer :P Shinkuu and Midnight will be the ones to answer this!

1. You must posts these rules.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
3. Choose people and put their icons on your journal
4. No tag-backs
5. You can't say that you don't do tags. 
6. You must make a journal entry

1. How did we meet each other (in real life or the internet)? 
Midnight: Rose-Pastel is actually my sister irl! Ahah!

Shinkuu: Me and Midnight have known each other since we were 4/5 years old.Obviously I went to play @ her house a lot so I met Rose-Pastel the first time I went there... :)

2. What is your cosplay / artist nickname, if you have one? Where did it come from?
Midnight: Obviously my cosplay nickname is Midnight-cupcakes... It's not official yet but it's what I started using. I think it just came from the fact that I like making cakes and decorating, so I based my name on that? I don't really know x,D

Shinkuu: Well my cosplay name would be Shinkuu ,it's not official either and I was thinking about names like Nightmare (used to think about PsychoLoli..haha)or stuff like that hehehe. 

Midnight and Shinkuu: BakaBakaGirls was kind of inspired by the song Triple Baka from Vocaloid. When we started the group we were 3 so we thought it was a pretty good idea.And since we like to be silly it was a great fit.

3. How have you started cosplaying?
Midnight: I think I became interested in cosplay when my two sisters began talking about it. It was around then that my friend, Shinkuu, began to talk to me about anime and manga. She had already watched some for a while but she only thought about talking about it around that time. In that way I began to be interested in anime and cosplay, and since my sisters had already taken interest in sewing, I, being the youngest, obviously followed in their footsteps and I went to my first convention, Otakuthon, when I was about 8 or 9 I believe. My mom then helped me create my first costume, Angol Mois from Keroro Gunso, and we went to the very first G-Anime.

ShinkuuLike Midnight said my interest in japanese culture started a long time ago. I can't remember what age but probably around 7 years old. I went to the library with my mom and discovered the Sailor Moon series. Going back to my house,I sat at the computer and searched for more info about it and noticed the anime version,and this is how my infinite passion was born :P .On a weekend I was invited by CC to play at her house,I went there and noticed a flyer about G-anime on her fridge and seeing Gamine (G-anime's mascot) I asked her if she knew about anime and what G-anime was...I went there cosplaying a sh*tty version of Hoshina Utau x,D...And a bit later her sisters asked me to cosplay Child Zelda from Oot with them,and this is how my adventure began :3

4. Looking back at your older projects, how much have you improved?
Midnight: If I were to be talking about the very first costumes I wore, my mom made them so I can't really judge because she's still far better then me in sewing, but the first costume I made nearly all by myself was Pichu from Pokemon. From there to Reimu, I think my skills at sewing and at understanding patterns have improved at lot and I'm really happy about it! Me and Shinkuu continue working very hard to do our best and we are improving quite a bit!

Shinkuu: Oh man...That starts from the very bottom... My Utau cosplay was made of clothes from various stores and the only thing I really crafted was the necklace...By painting beads in white ... x,D k4tr1n4 sewed and hotglued the diamonds on the hat.The zelda cosplay was mostly made by her again,I did help her but you know.. at 10 it's a little hard to sew! Cordelia from Milky holmes was a shock! I almost made it all by myself,there was mistakes (the hat,omg...) but it looked pretty awesome! What shocked me the most was the number of pictures...My Utau cosplay made me win 2 pictures and for Cordelia, I can't even count how much we got!!And then all my other cosplays showed me how much I improved!

5. Do you still own your very first cosplay? What was it like?
Midnight: As I told earlier, my very first cosplay, Angol Mois, was made by my mom, so obviously it's not broken or anything. I've kept it in very good condition. The only thing that got broken is her staff, but it wasn't very sturdy in the beginning either... Apart from that, obviously it's really small now, but it's still really pretty!

ShinkuuYep,I still have all the pieces from the Utau cosplay,if you count that as a cosplay,it's more like a closet cosplay... xD

6. Any fabrics or material you are fond of?
Midnight: As a fabric, I really like cotton, since it's really easy to work with. I've used it a lot and will use it later in the future. As a material, I'd say I like always having hot glue around.

Shinkuu: Cotton-Hot glue-Clothes hanger= Story of my life. The end

7. What tools couldn't you work without?
Midnight: When I have to do a lot of ruffles, I'd say the Ultimate Ruffler. It's a foot for the sewing machine that automatically makes the ruffles equally spaced. It's really awesome! Obviously I really like the overlock machine, I use it every time I have an edge to do xD

Shinkuu: Of course,THE SEWING MACHINE :,D But one thing I need to say, one thing that I have trouble living without is the overlock machine!When I went at my grandma's I nearly died doing about 3/4 meters of fabric at the smallest zigzag stitch....

8. Name one material that you dislike. 
Midnight: I'd have to say satin or fabric that keeps sliding off the sewing machine...

Shinkuu: Clothes hangers are my best friend and my worst enemy,they pierce my fabrics like they pierce my heart D,: Seriously I didn't encounter anything I dislike yet,well I think...

9. What are your dreams and goals?
Midnight: I'd love to become a master in the mascarade ranks, and be able to make huge dresses! :')

Shinkuu: A short term goal: Participate in the mascarade (Will probably become reality this year!)
Long term goal: Being able to make big dresses,badass armors and incredible props!~
Dream: Become a recognized cosplayer with my friends ^w^

10. Name one thing (or more!) that you love about yourself! 
Midnight: I work well under stress? ahah Shinkuu: Lol no Midnight: Just before conventions I mean x,D Shinkuu: well it's not something you should love,try something like,my hair. I don't know! You're super cute! Say that! Midnight: I do know my hair can be curled and straightened easily, so I guess that's something, right?

Shinkuu: Not this question ;-;... I would say my leader side?Being able to talk to strangers without caring too much is fun cause' I get to meet lots of people =^^= Midnight: Can't you talk about your smile too? D:
 Love you x,D

We tag:
:iconlys-cosplay: :iconlilo1212: :iconredstar1212: :iconzuryland:

And all our new watchers are more than welcomed to answer!~

1. Did you ever cosplay? If you did what was your cosplay? If not,do you plan to cosplay?
2. How/when did your interest in the japanese culture start?
3. What do you like to draw ?
4. Which anime/series is your favorite to watch/read?
5. Do you play any MMORPG?Which one?
6. What's the meaning behind your dA nickname?
7. Last thing you watched at the cinema?
8. Coffee or Tea?
9. Where would you like to live?
10. What kind of music inspires you?

Voila ~ Thank you for reading! :iconwave-uplz:
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